Tuesday, 23 August 2016


Hello Everybody!
Believe it or not, today is my first blogging birthday!
The year has gone by so fast and I don't know where that time has gone!

I remember sitting in my bedroom last year contemplating the idea of starting a blog. That was on the 9th May 2015, I suppose thats my real blogging anniversary, but I only posted once and the blog was abandoned until this day last year. 23rd August 2015. That was the day I decided to forget whatever I was worrying about and go for it.

 Once again, I'm sat here not knowing what to say! My year of blogging has been an adventure. I remember starting my blog and thinking, no ones going to read this, I'm wasting my time, but then I started getting views and comments from lovely readers, some of which still comment today! (Thank you!)
I remember hitting 100 views, then 1000 and here I am now, with now over 10,000 views, which is insane!
I don't really have much to say apart from thank you so so so so much, all of your support honestly means the absolute world to me.
I love you so much!

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite posts have been and what you would like to see in the future!

I will see you very very soon!

Abby x
Happy birthday blog!
Here's to another year of blogging! *clink*

Sunday, 21 August 2016


Hello Everybody!
You may be aware that it is coming up to my blogs first birthday! So today, I thought I would share with you some things I have learnt through past year!

1. Write what YOU want to write

I learnt this pretty early in my blogging journey and I think its something everyone should know. Don't write because you think thats what people want to read, because if you yourself, aren't enjoying what you are writing about, theres a pretty big chance your readers won't enjoy it either. To this day, I still struggle with this and it is something that I find hard, but I'm definitely becoming more aware of this as I continue. But, obviously, keep in mind your readers at the same time and the purpose of your blog!

2. It's okay to take breaks

Around two or three months ago, I took a very long break in my blogging, which, at the time, I really regretted doing. I was afraid that all the work I had put into my blog would go and, even though I really wanted to start blogging again, I just couldn't come up with ideas that I liked or thought would be interesting to read.
As for this point, I think I realised this around two weeks ago. Its okay to take breaks, whether thats a week or a month. Don't put yourself under too much pressure, sometimes a break is what you need, to get yourself and your ideas together.
Also, don't put yourself under too much pressure to post a certain day every week. When I started my blog, I wanted to post every Sunday and if I missed a Sunday, I HAD to have a good excuse for it and put the post up on Monday!
If you know you probably can't keep to that schedule, don't fully set it in the first place. I still like Sunday to be the day I post, it will always be in the back of my mind that a post should be going up, but if I miss it, now, I've learnt that it's okay.

3. Don't be afraid to have your own opinions

I started doing some of my thoughts posts very early on and they are still to this day some of my favourite ones I've ever done! I think if you can have your own opinion on your blog, it defines who you are and people will appreciate you more for being honest, but also, they are just nice because you can get out whatever you are thinking. Don't be afraid to let your thoughts go!

4. Dont compare your style to others!

Everyone has a unique blogging style, so don't compare your blog to other peoples and think their blog is way better than mine, because they will have a completely different style. Obviously, looking at other peoples blogs and seeing how their style could help improve your own and getting some inspiration is good, but don't get too carried away comparing them.

I hope that these four tips have inspired you or helped you in some sort of way! If you are thinking of starting a blog, 100% go for it! Let me know some of your own blogging tips in the comments below!
I love you all so much and I'll see you very soon !

Abby x

Friday, 19 August 2016


Hello Everybody!
So I have a post which is going up on Sunday, but I have just found out right now that I have just hit 10,000 views on my blog!
I know this really isn't a lot compared to many other blogs, but 10,000 views on blog in this past year is insane to me and I just can't believe it!
I just wanted to say thank you so so so so so so much it honestly means the world!
I love you all very much!
I'll see you Sunday!
Abby x

Saturday, 13 August 2016


Labels? They surround us, labels on clothes, products, stereotypes, they're are on people. Lets take clothes for an example. There any many different brands of clothing, but they seem to be divided into high end and low end, the same with make up. There seems to be a set clothing type for different people and it divides people. But the worst part is, it seems that it is the same thing with people. Rich, poor, religion, sexuality, race, the list goes on. These different 'labels' define who people are, the different groups that they are in, who they are 'allowed' to talk to. But this isn't right. The different 'labels' shouldn't be allowed to define who we are like they dominate it now. Yet, we all still let it happen, labelling people without realising we are doing it and its wrong. We all need to step back and think about labelling people the next time we do it.


I haven't said Hello yet, so Hi! I haven't done a thoughts post in a while, so I thought I would share this with you. Let me know your own thoughts on this issue in the comments below! I hope you enjoyed this post! See you very soon!

Abby x

Friday, 5 August 2016


Hello Everybody!
So its been a while! So, the first thing I should probably talk about is my long absence from this blog!  I really haven't had much inspiration to write, so I haven't because I didn't want to just put something on here which I wasn't happy with. Also, I ended up posting the same sort of stuff, so I think having the break which I had, allowed me to come up with some fresh ideas and know more about blogging. It is also coming up to my one year of blogging, so I wanted to make sure I was posting again for that!
Okay, anyway, today I am going to be talking about the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette!
I got this palette for my birthday in May, after wanting it for absolutely ages!
Okay, so the first thing I am going to talk about is the price. I am just going to throw it out there that this palette is a higher end piece of make up and was actually on the pricier side. I would also just like to say that I am in no way trying to brag or anything like that, I am doing this review so that those of you who might want to get this palette and aren't sure if its worth the price can get a better view of it etc.

The Urban Decay Naked Palettes are around £38.50, which is quite a lot to fork out when it comes to an eyeshadow palette. I wasn't really sure if I wanted to spend this much on a palette, so I waited and spent the time reading reviews about it and choosing which Naked Palette I thought I would use the most (out of the 1, 2, 3 and smoky). I ended up choosing the Naked 2 Palette, because it mainly consists of the brown, golds and more nude colours than some of the other palettes. The palette is a long one, consisting of 12 different shades:
Foxy- Foxy is a beautiful nude colour, which I like to use as a base all over my eye. This is one of the matte shades in the palette and is one of the best nude base colours I've tried!
from left: Foxy, half baked, bootycall, chopper, tease and
Half Baked- I love this shade! This is a lovely light gold-y shade and it has little bits of shimmer through it. This comes out better than any gold which I have tried before, but I find that blending it is key! I usually apply this with a brush, but if you want a brighter base colour, I would apply this with a clean finger, because it comes out even brighter!
Bootycall- I think this shade is a really nice highlighter shade for underneath the eyebrow or in the inner corner of your eye. It has a really nice shimmer and looks amazing in the light! It isn't my favourite highlighter which I have used, but it works really well with the shades in the palette and can be quite subtle, but also a statement look!
Chopper- I haven't used this shade as much as some of the other shades in the palette. but in the times when I have, it looked amazing! It is a more pinky, rosegold shade, again a shimmer shade, which looks really nice as a base with YDK through the crease (or vice versa!). I think it could also work really well with the shade tease!
Tease- Tease is one of my favourite shades in the whole palette! It is a beautiful matte light brown shade is perfect for a casual make up look. I think this looks really nice with the Maybeline 24 hour colour tattoos in the nude brown shade, with tease through the crease!
Snakebite- This is a dark gold shade, which is verging on brown. I think this can look really nice with Half baked, even though it is quite a bit darker, if it is blended properly. It can also look lovely with the shade suspect!
Suspect- Suspect is a light brown shimmery shade. I think Suspect fits in really well with the darker shades in the palette and works really well with verve and a little bit of tease mixed together!
Pistol- Pistol is the dark brown shimmer shade in the palette. I think this shade goes really nice with the shade busted, although they are both quite dark, so its definitely not the type of thing that you would wear in summer! But I think that these shades would look really nice in the Autumn/ Winter time!
from left: suspect, pistol, verve, ydk, busted and blackout
suVerve- Verve is another highlight type shade, but with a bit more of a brown tint. This is a bit dark to go with some of the lighter shades, but with some of the browns, this looks lovely!
Ydk- This is a shimmer shade, with a hint of pink running through it! This looks lovely with Chopper, but also works well with verve! I love how this shade comes out!
Busted- Busted is the darker shade of brown in the palette. I'd say its more matte than some of the other brown shades, but it still has a bit of shimmer running through it! This shade is personally a bit dark for me and isn't my favourite, however, I think this shade looks lovely smoked across the lash line!
Blackout- Blackout is the matte black shade which comes out so well! Again, this shade is a bit dark for me, as I don't really suit the dark shades, but again, this works really well as a shadow liner!

The palette comes in a box which obviously has the palette in, but also has mini eye primer samples! There are a few different ones- original, eden, sin and anti-aging! I haven't used these much, I have only actually tried the original one, but I have to say, it made the colours a little brighter and last a bit longer.

The palette also comes with a two sided brush, I tend to use the fluffier side of the brush for applying the eyeshadow as for me it works better, but I like to use the thinner sharper end of the brush when i'm doing something like shadow liner, or putting the colour through the crease.

This palette is obviously quite expensive, so it's not something you see in Superdrug, however, some boots stores sell it at the higher end counters, along with the other brands like urban decay, benefit, clinque etc.
You can also pick this up from some Debenhams stores, John Lewis, Feel Unique, usually with the places that sell higher end make up. Obviously, you can also pick this up from the Urban Decay website!

I hope this review has helped you in some sort of way and that you have enjoyed it! If you did, let me know in the comments below and maybe give it a plus one and share it with your friends! Also, let me know if you have any of the Naked Palette's/ which one is your favourite! Let me know your favourite shade too! I will hopefully
see you soon!

Abby x