Thursday, 16 June 2016


Hello Everybody!
So its been a while! Sorry about that :(
Anyway, on with the post!

So you may be aware that Zoë has recently introduced her new beauty product range, sweet inspirations! The range was released in May and I have recently managed to pick some of the products up from my local superdrug store, so I thought I would review them for you all!

There are eight new products in the range, which are actually quite different from some of the products which she has released before, but she's actually kept some of the original products which you would have seen in the previous ranges. The scent is quite a sweet scent, which for some people, might put them off, but it really isn't a strong sweet scent, it's actually quite a soft kind of smell. The scent itself is a macaron kind of scent, enriched with almond scents. This scent might possibly be my favourite of all of her ranges so far, even topping the tutti fruitti range, which is amazing!

So the first thing which I picked up from the range was the bath latte which is probably my favourite product from the whole range. With this, you basically just pour a bit into your bath and swish (??) it around and it creates the most amazing bubbles! I believe you can also use this in the shower! The latte is actually a lot thicker in consistency than I expected and doesn't really need that much to create lots of bubbles! As for the packaging, its in a really cute plastic bottle, which a copper, gold style cap and a beautiful blue rap around it and gold patterning! I love it! This was £6.00, which I think is amazing value for what you get and also, if you want, you could keep the bottle afterwards! (Thats probably what I'm going to do!)

The next thing which I picked up from the range was the Double Crème body lotion. I have the both the body lotion from the old ranges, so it made sense to get this one, to finish off a set really! This one is very like the original body lotion which Zoë released, unlike the tutti frutti one which had the bursting beads in it. I love all of Zoë's body lotions because they aren't really thick and its really light on the hands, they don't leave your hands feeling really greasy or anything like that and also, a little bit goes a really long way! The packaging on this product is baby pinks and golds, which I think goes really well with the ranges colour theme. This was £5.00, which again, I think is a really reasonable price!

I also picked up the Sugar Dip scented bath salts.  I haven't actually tried these yet, so I don't want to babble on about them too much, because it would be pointless! But with these, you basically just sprinkle a few of them underneath the tap and let the magic happen! Zoë also included a little sticker in the box to reseal them with, which I thought was a really cool idea! I absolutely adore the packaging on this! They are basically in a little pink bag inside the box which kind of reminds me of a little sweet bag. This is inside a little pyramid which is so pretty, I won't want to throw it away after I've used them all! This was £6.00!

The next thing I picked up was the little life is sweet beauty bag. This is a small baby blue beauty bag which has cute little frills at the edges. It's very small, so I don't think that I'm going to use it for makeup, however, I will probably be using this for a little handbag tidy type thing. I think this would be perfect for receipts, coins, keys, cards and even small bits of make up that I don't want floating around in my bag! I love this bag, its so cute! I love the font which is used on the bag, the gold and blue go amazing together! I also love that the letters are sort of engraved into the bag, I think its amazing!

The last thing that I picked up was the Candy Clutch. I absolutely love this. I like the fact that you can use it at two different sizes- you can either fold it down, or have it up. I have actually decided to use mine in the bigger version and put all of my eyeshadow pallets into it. On one side of the bag, is a shiny white, plastic coat type thing and on the other side, is the bumpy, fabric texture, which reminds me of beach huts. I think this is a really good size make up bag and fits quite a lot in! This is the most expensive product in the range, at £12.00, but I definitely think that it is worth the money!

Also in the range is the fizz bar, called le Fizz, however, I decided to not to get this, because I don't enjoy fizz bars that much in general. Saying that, I have heard some great reviews for this! There is also the body mist which I will 100% be picking up, however, they didn't have it in my local superdrug, when I last checked, but when I see it, I will be picking it up. There is also the body fondant which looks amazing, so highlighted and shimmery, which I thing will look amazing in pictures and also in the summer! I can't wait to try this! I will let you know what I think when I get it!

Again, I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks, I will be posting again soon!
I love you all a lot!
Abby x