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Hello Everybody!

IT'S SPRING! That means its time to crack out those bright and pastel colours! So today, I thought I would share with you my top 3 lip products, which I think are great around this time of year!

Collection Work the Colour Lip Butter
Overal Rating: 8/10

3 Vintage Rose
Okay, so the first one that I think is a real Spring pink is Collection Moisturising Lip Butter in the shade 3 vintage rose. The first thing which I am going to point out, is the price. This £2.99 and possibly one of the best £2.99's i have ever spent make-up wise! This is one of my favourite lip products of all time. I recently found out that this is a really good dupe for the Burberry Feather Pink Lip mist at a much more affordable price! So the colour itself, actually does out as a bit of a salmony pink colour, which doesn't sound too great, but on the lips, it looks amazing! I really like this lip butter because it is really moisturising and it doesn't leave my lips feeling quite dried out and matte as it would if it was a lipstick. Also, I love the shape of the actual product because it is like a lip crayon type thing, which I know is pretty standard for a lip butter or crayon, but I just find that it is so much easier to apply like this, because you an really get a fine outline on the lips! I would rate this a good 8/10 because the colour is lovely, it applies well and comes out just as colourful as advertised. My only fault with it, which isn't really a problem, is that it doesn't last for a particularly long amount of time, which I know is pretty standard for a lip butter, but I just think it would be that tiny bit better if it lasted slightly longer! But overall, this product is definitely worth the purchase!

Tanya Burr Afternoon Tea Lip Gloss
Overal Rating: 6/10

(I apologise  in advance for the bad lighting and quality  of this photo, I really envy those with the amazing photography skills who get this perfect!)

I got this lipgloss last year for my birthday, which was about a month and a half before the new products came out in the new packaging and things were tweaked slightly. So don't get me wrong, I LOVE this lipgloss and if I didn't love it, I wouldn't be recommending it to you as one of my top Spring lips, but as you may know, they new range was brought out and all of the packaging changed and I know the formula did too and during this time I think the shade changed slightly and is now more glittery than it used to be? I don't know what for certain, so someone let me know in the comments, because I would love to know!
So obviously, I cant talk about the new afternoon tea, so I'm going to talk about the one that I have. IF the shade has changed from the old pastel pink shade, I'm really sorry that I have talked about it in the old packaging and formula!
Afternoon Tea
Okay, so in the old packaging, it is a beautiful pastel style pink shade, which comes out slightly lighter when applied to the lips compared to the bottle. I think the consistency is great and it doesn't slide about on the lips and it lasts a long time, however, this does mean that it is quite sticky, but I believe this issue has been resolved in the new collection, so theres nothing to worry about there any more! Also, the applicator is quite a bit thinner than a regular applicator which usually comes with lip glosses. I think this is great because it means that the gloss can slide across the lips a lot easier and can be applied more accurately. The reason why I have given this a 6/10 is because of a few reasons, one of them being that it is quite sticky. The lip gloss is also scented which is a really nice touch. I know the new style is meant to smell like watermelons, however, in the old style, I can't smell watermelon! I really like the smell of it and I don't like watermelon, so either it's watermelon and I can't smell it or the scent has changed! The lip gloss is £5.99, which is a bit more expensive than some other lip glosses which you would find in Superdrug, but is definitely worth the purchase, especially if the tweaks have been made! Please bare in mind that the rating I have given this lip gloss is based on the old style and I'm sure if I tried the new style ones, my rating would be much higher! Please leave suggestions for other Tanya Burr lip glosses which I might like and whether or not they have changed from the old style!

Rimmel Kate Moss 38
Overal Rating: 9/10

This has got to be my favourite lipstick! I used it so much last year and I can't wait to crack it back out again now it is Spring and going into Summer!
This lipstick was £5.49 from the Rimmel range by Kate Moss. This shade is a lot more salmony than the Collection shade, which again, doesn't sound great, but it looks amazing! I think this lipstick would look good on all lip types as it is a gorgeous pale pink shade and isn't too bold for people, like me, who don't like to stand out as much as others!
This lipstick applies perfectly and smoothly and only really needs one coat, which of course, you could top up if you wanted it a bit brighter! Also, it lasts for ages and doesn't come off straight away, like some lipsticks do! An added bonus is that it smells great! I'm not great at describing smells, so I'll give it a go, but if you have a Rimmel 38, let me know what you think it smells like! It's quite a sweet smell, sort of vanilla-ry, but its also quite a soft smell, if that makes any sense at all! It smells so good!
Rimmel 38
The packaging is quite basic and compact, so it doesn't take up a lot of room in my make up bag, which is brilliant! The lid is at a slight slant at the top and has the rimmel crown logo on the top which is really nice. I like how it is really simple and just says Kate on it. It's very different to some of my other lipsticks, so its very easy to find!
I have given this a 9/10, because I can't really fault it, it is an amazing price for what it is and definitely worth the purchase! I think the only thing that stops it from getting a ten is that I know there are much better lipsticks that you can get, but this will be my favourite until I find an even better one!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and got some great suggestions for some lovely spring pink lip products! Let me know some of your own favourites in the comments below and if you have any of the above, let me know what you think of them! I love reading and replying to your comments!

I'll see you soon!
Abby x

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