Monday, 22 February 2016


Hello Everybody!
I popped into Lush the other day and picked up three bath bombs, so I thought that I would review each of them individually over the next few weeks. First up is... Fluffy Egg!

I'm going to start with the scent. I was told by the lovely Lush worker, that it had the same scent as Snow Fairy, a very popular christmas shower gel, but I didn't actually know what that scent was because I haven't tried it. However, I thought that it had a similar scent to my all time favourite lush bubble bar, candy mountain. So I have to say, I was very excited to find this as I haven't been about to get Candy Mountain, due to it being a christmas one. If you haven't smelt Candy Mountain or Snow Fairy, you probably have no idea what I'm talking about, so let me describe it for you. Imagine a sweet, candy floss like, calming scent, then put that in your bath. For me, thats the perfect bath. Unlike Candy Mountain, which was a bubble bar, fluffy egg is a bath bomb, which means that you drop it (not from a ridiculously high point), a couple of centimetres above the water and it fizzes out until it is all gone and the bath is a new colour.
Photo from the Lush website 

Fluffy egg is a hot pink bath bomb, which is in the shape of an egg. On either side, there is a small yellow (I think there are many different colours, but mine was yellow!) flower. When you drop it into the water, the water turns the same colour as the bath bomb. It smelt amazing. The scent definitely filled much of the house and you could smell it every where you went. If you haven't smelt this, make sure you take a trip into lush and smell it, just so you know the joy which I have smelt!

I would definitely recommend this bath bomb, as it smells amazing and is great value for money, at £2.95. I will 100% be going into Lush to buy another few before easter is over!

Let me know your favourite easter, or any of the Lush products in the comments below! Also let me know which ones you want me to try and then review for you!

I know this is only short, but I thought it would be interesting for you to read, so let me know in the comments what you thought of it and whether or not I should do it again.

Thank you for reading!

Abby x

*Unfortunately, I forgot to take my own photos, so I took this one off the Lush website. For the next one, I will remember to take my own!*

Wednesday, 17 February 2016


Hello Everybody!
It is currently still winter and in the UK, temperatures are still getting colder! So today, I thought I would share with you a few of my winter essentials which are helping me get through the cold weather.

Body Shop Vineyard Peach Body Butter

I have mentioned this before, and that would be because I am obsessed with it. From the actual product, to the scent, I love it! The Body Shop sell so many amazing scents and you can get this body butter in so many! But the one which I have, is Vineyard Peach. As for the actual product, it is the best body butter I have ever tried. Now, thats quite a bold statement considering I have tried quite a few different body butters. I think the main reason why i like this is because it isn't sticky and it doesn't leave my hands feeling all greasy and grimy. This is perfect for things like dry feet or just moisturising in general. This is slightly more on the pricey side at £14.00. I actually brought this as part of a set for £7.50 in an outlet store in the christmas sales. However, when I run out of this, I will definitely be going to buy a new one, full price, from the body shop. No doubts about it! If you haven't tried this, go into your local body shop and take a look! You can even try out the different scents with their testers, I guarantee that you will find one that you like!

EOS lip balm

You may have heard of these lip balms, I know they were particularly popular around this time last year. I have to admit, at the time, I wasn't really sure what the big hype was about and why they were so expensive, (£6.50) for a lip balm. However, I do really like mine.  The one I actually have is Passion Fruit, which is the purple one. I like this brand in particular because it doesn't have that horrible sticky, slimy texture to it and it leaves my lips feeling soft and not chapped for quite a while, even if I'm out in the cold! I know you can get these from Urban Outfitters, but other than that, I haven't seen them any where else. The EOS website is and they sell them all on there, but if you are from the UK, you can't change the currency to English. I know they also sell them on the boots website, so just have a look around and I'm sure you will find them!


One place I always find gets quite cold in the wind and cold weather is my neck, so I have actually been wearing my scarf quite a bit recently. The one which I have is a check one from Peacocks, which was £5, but I know they sell a really similar one in Primark for the same price. I really like slightly longer scarfs at the moment, but aren't wooly, so I found this one at the start of November and I fell in love. I like it because you can wrap it around yourself and stay nice and warm even in the freezing cold weather.

Zoella Creamy Madly Dreamy Body Lotion

I prefer to use this on my hands, opposed to the Body Butter from the Body Shop and this is also quite a bit cheaper. I find that Zoe's body lotion is so much nicer on my hands because you can massage it in and again, it isn't sticky. I actually have both of her body lotions and I use them both on a regular basis. I know she also has a hand cream, which I haven't actually tried yet. But if your looking for a good body lotion or hand cream at a affordable price, definitely try this because I love it. It also has a really lo
vely scent, which actually reminds me of winter!

Wooly Jumpers

Who doesn't love a wooly jumper? I know I do! And, lets face it, they are perfect for this type of weather! I actually only have two wooly jumpers, a cream one, from Blue Inc, and a black one, from New Look. I tend to wear my wooly jumpers with jeans, usually ripped. I find that wooly jumpers go with most things, I'm just not that adventurous!

Zoella Soak Opera 

I love this. I use every bath, except from when I use a bath bomb. You can actually use it as a shower gel and a bubble bath. I don't use it as shower gel, I use it for the bubbles. This has the original scent, which I really like and is perfect for relaxing after cold, stressful day. What better way to relax than in a nice hot bath?

Treaclemoon Iced Strawberry Dream Shower Gel

For the past few weeks, I have used this every bath and shower. I love the scent of it and there are so many different ones to choose from. The one which I have is the Ice Strawberry Dream scent and it smells amazing. I got mine from Tesco, but I know you can get them in Superdrug. They are definitely worth the purchase and for me is a real winter staple. The scent is really fresh, which kind of reminds me of summer. It is helping get through the cold weather, when what I want now is the sun! This is also super affordable and is pretty impossible not to love! If you have tried any of the other scents, let me know which ones you like, because I'm getting to the end of mine and I don't want to have to
go without one!

Yankee Candles (particularly christmassy ones!) 

In the last paragraph, I said that I wanted summer, I am now going to contradict that! I have recently discovered Yankee Candles and I have fallen in love! I have got a few left over from christmas, so I have been burning them over the past few weeks, holding onto the christmas spirit as much as I can, even 2 months later! The ones which I have really loved recently are Snowflake Cookie and Sparkling Snow. To be fair, any Yankee Candle I will be happy with, but christmas ones at the moment are my life...

Limited 12 Colour Eyeshadow Palette 

Finally, an eyeshadow palette. I got this a couple of weeks ago from Marks and Spencer. I was £12, so a bit more pricey than drugstore eyeshadow palettes, but I've actually used it quite a big and is good value for money. Although, I do have to say that some of the lighter shades don't come out very strong, I think they would definitely work better with an eyeshadow base. But other than that, I am obsessed with it. It has every shade which you could want, from gold shades, to smoky shades! I think this is perfect for the winter when you want an easy eye look or you just want a palette with a wide range of shades!

I hope you enjoyed this little winter essentials post, let me know some of your own essentials in the comments below. Also, share this post with your friends and give it a good ol' +1. (I like those!)

Also, if any of you know a good site where I can get a cheap domain, let me know because I w
ould really like my own domain. Make sure to link it below, so I can take a look! Additionally, if any of you know how to create a good blogger template/ layout on the standard version, let me know, because I would quite like to make my blog look a bit nicer! I would be very grateful!

Thank you for reading!
See you next week for another post!

Abby x

Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Hello Everybody!
Lets just get the shame out of the way to start... this post is late again.
Recently, I have been struggling a bit with ideas for posts and coming up with good ideas that will be worth your time. Lets be fair, there are so many ideas for posts which would have been perfect for this weeks post, like pancake day or Valentines, but (1) I am no chef (2) There are so many people who would already have put up pancake recipes (3) I can't make pancakes for the life of me!
Then I had a few ideas for a Valentines day inspired hair look, but I didn't manage to perfect it enough to be worthy for my blog. Check back later on in the week for a hair tutorial (hopefully!) which I will be posting! So for this weeks post, I decided to look back as a few of my previous posts and I came across my new years resolutions post, which seemed to be quite popular and many of you commented your resolutions, which got me thinking.

Am I actually achieving my new years resolutions?

The answer to that: no. If you haven't seen my post on resolutions, (I'll leave a link at the end, so if you wanted, you can check that out!) my resolutions were:

-Drink more water
-Do more of what makes me happy
-Continue to post on this blog and improve the content *looks down in shame*

So, if I were to break this down.

Drink more water.
Well, lets just say, it's not been going too well. Okay, I'll be fair to myself, I didn't do too bad in January, I had at least one glass most days. However, (you knew there would be one...) in February, it hasn't been going great. I have had one glass so far throughout the entirety of this month. Oops.

Do more of what makes me happy.
This is more of a long term goal and not something which you can really achieve in the space of a month and a half. But, yes, I suppose you could say this is the one which I'm doing best at!

Continue posting on this blog and improving the content.
Well, not everything goes to plan does it? I do still want to continue posting on this blog and to think that I have been since August is crazy! I believe that my problem is trying to come up with ideas that people will enjoy! I have so many unfinished posts where I have thought people won't enjoy this, why am I wasting my time?! I don't know, let me know if you get this too and how you combat the problem!

I don't know if this was interesting to any of you, but it was actually quite interesting to write because it gave me motivation to try and start doing them again! Let me know what your new years resolutions were, if you had any, and how they are going for you! Make sure to check back later in the week for a (hopefully) valentines day inspired hair tutorial!
Also, let me know what types of this you would like to see on my blog!
Thank you for sticking by!

I love you all!

Abby x

(New years resolution post)

Wednesday, 3 February 2016


Hello Everybody!
Today, it's time for one of my thoughts posts! You guys really seem to enjoy them, so I thought I would share a few of my current thoughts with you! Let me know your own opinion on this subject in the comments below!
I have read many things lately, which talk about beauty and what natural beauty really is. Of course, we all have our own opinions on whether or not things like airbrushing and photoshopping naturally beautiful pictures is wrong or right. 
Personally, I believe it is wrong. Why try to cover up imperfections, when you can seek natural beauty from within?
As the wise Caspar Lee says, I don't talk to ugly girls (or boys!) because they don't exist.
Whatever you look like, I don't know you, but I know you are beautiful. Size, race, religion. None of these should matter, we are all people! So why should there be a category?
One day, I hope to live in a world, where none of these things matter. Why do they? I don't know. They don't.
It makes people feel insecure about themselves, about not being the "perfect looking person", about them not being pretty. Causes like this one are one of the biggest problems to people becoming happier within themselves.
Always remember.
If you feel beautiful, you are beautiful.
If you want to wear something, wear it, if you want to wear your hair a certain way, do it. You are your own person and nobody, and I mean nobody, can tell you what makes you happy.

Let me know your own opinion in the comments below! If there are any other topic which you want me to talk about, let me know there too!
Sorry this post was late again!
Abby x