Thursday, 31 December 2015


Hello Everybody!
Can you believe it? It's 2016 already! What a year it's been!
For me, 2015 has flown by so quickly and so many crazy things have happened!
This blog has really changed since the beginning, so lets take a quick trip down memory lane...

May 9th 2015

This was my first post on this blog! Sadly (not really sad!), the post is no longer available, I don't even have a copy of it myself, but believe me when I say it was very awkward and not very well written at all! I think the post was a Get to Know Me tag, in which the answers were literally just one word. After this post, I didn't post anything else until August, when this post got deleted. I don't really know why I didn't post anything, I think it was probably because I was really put off by the fact of how bad the post was and I just thought, well nobody is going to read it anyway. I'm actually quite glad no one did read it!

August 23rd 2015

This is the first post which is still available on my blog. I don't think there was any before it. The first post was just a simple about post, which I have actually updated since then, but not very much. The next post was the following day and it was a Real Techniques Review post, which to be fair, wasn't that bad. Sort of. To this day, that post has 22 views and no comments.

November 5th 2015 

This was the day I hit 1000 views on this blog. Obviously, this isn't a big number, but to me, this will always be quite the achievement because I never even thought that I would get 100 views.

December 30th 2015

On December 30th, the amount of views I had was 4560. This is quite a big number for my little brain! I know there are blogs which are so much bigger than my own, but to think I have thousands of views on my little blog is crazy and I just want to take the chance to say, thank you!

So on with the actual post... oops, that introduction was a bit long!

At this time of year, people begin to make a pledge to themselves to do something better in the New Year and these things are called New Years Resolutions. Usually, people make three resolutions. I once read that people only make three because it makes it more realistic to achieve. Typical resolutions include eat less chocolate, do more exercise and things like that, which, to be quite honest are usually mine. However this year, I am going to try and pick ones that mean something more to me and I actually think I might be able to achieve, because, lets face it, I was never going to achieve the chocolate one...

1. Drink more water

I suppose this is similar to the chocolate one, but I think that this one is something which I can actually do. I don't think I drink enough water and I drink too many sugary drinks, which aren't good for me, so this year, I want to drink more water! I am going to aim to drink at least one decent sized cup of water a day, hopefully more!

2. Do more of what makes me happy

This year, I want to do more of what makes me happy, without caring about what people think of me. I think this will probably be the hardest one out of the three which I have chosen.

3. This blog

I want to continue to post on this blog and to improve the content on here further. I also want to post some new and exciting posts, which I haven't done before, on here! For example, lookbooks, how to posts and more!

Let me know in the comments what your New Years Resolutions are and perhaps a way in which you might achieve that!

Thank you for all of your support this year, it really does mean the world to me! I hope I can continue to write posts which you enjoy on here next year! I love you all!
See you in 2016!

Abby x

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