Sunday, 18 October 2015


Hello Everybody!
I've actually posted on a Sunday! It's a miracle!
So, for todays post, I thought I would share with you a few life hacks in which I know of! You may already know some of these, but if you don't, I hope this helps! Enjoy!

1. Greasy Hair

Lets face it, we all get greasy hair :( So, to stop your hair from becoming greasy, you want to take some talcum powder (or baby powder, depending on what you call it) and just massage it into the roots of your hair! This will basically just stop your hair from becoming as greasy and last a bit longer!

2. Perfume

Obviously, perfume can only last a certain amount of time, so I thought I would share with you a little trick for making it last longer. Before you apply your perfume, you want to apply a small amount of vaseline to your wrists of wherever you are applying your perfume and then spray your perfume. This will make it last that little while longer!

3. Mascara

It can often be quite difficult when applying mascara to stop it from getting onto your skin, so if you struggle with that, this tricks for you! When applying mascara, you want to use a card, for example, a points card, and hold it behind your lashes. This will stop mascara from getting onto your eyelids!

4. Toothpaste

So this one is a very well known one! If you put toothpaste on your spots before you got to bed and leave it overnight, it will help to clear them up!

5. Nail Polish 

This is literally my lifesaver! You know when your nail polish is encrusted in the bottle and you can't open it? Well, this ones for you! When opening the bottle, wrap a hair band around this lid two or three times and then try and open it. This will become a lifesaver to you!

6. Charging 

Most people already know this one, but if you don't, here you go! If you put your phone on aeroplane mode while charging, it will charge quicker! This is great if you are in a rush!

7. Cans

When opening a can, it can be so easy to break a nail! So what you want to do is put a hair band underneath the pully thingy! (if any of you know what they are called, let me know!) For this you will need quite a thick hair band because the thin ones aren't as strong.

8. Keys 

We all know that feeling when we can't find the right key! So to avoid this confusion, paint the head of they key with nail polish!

9. Eyeliner

We have all had that feeling of frustration when our eyeliner won't match or just won't go straight all together. So to battle this trouble, you want to use masking tape to make sure it goes right! Before you start, you want to wax it on the back of your hand a couple of times so it loses it's stick, this way, it won't take off your make up.

10. Lipstick

Lipstick can wear VERY quickly, so to battle this problem and make it last longer, apply a small amount of powder to your lips. This will make your lipstick last so much longer!

11. Brushes

This is a new hack to me, but it works amazing! So after you've washed your brushes, you want to tip them upside down and roll them in between your hands so the water comes out of all of the fibres. This helps preserve the fluffiness of the brush!

12. Hair grips

Okay, this one may be a new one to you, but you may have been using hair grips wrong your whole life! So many people use the flat side of the grip against their hair, but in actual fact, you want to use the waved side against your hair as this will help the hair hold together much better and hold a stronger grip.

So I hope these hacks help you! Some of these will become your lifesavers! Let me know some of the ones which you enjoy and if you have any others which I have missed, make sure you leave them in the comments because I would love to know!

Thats all for this week! I will be posting again soon!

Abby-Louise x

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


Hello Everybody!
Ever had that perfect polaroid moment but don't have the camera? Or maybe you just want to make a polaroid out of some of your old photos? Either way this post is for you!
So for this weeks post, I thought I would share with you a little technique which is great if you have ever wanted to make your own polaroids, but don't happen to actually have a polaroid camera.

I'm sure most of you lovely readers already know what a polaroid is, but if you don't, this is what they look like:

What you will need: 

Wooden Pegs (optional)
String or something to hang them on (optional)
Photo paper

Making the polaroids: 

The website which I use to make my polaroids is PicMonkey. I really like this website because it is so easy to use! Of course, you don't have to use this website, you could use powerpoint or another application which you are familiar with, but this is just the one which I will be using.

So to begin, you want to go to and click edit for free (top right corner). This screen will then come up:
 You will want to change the background colour to a dark colour so the polaroids show up on the background. I usually change mine to black. You can do this by going to canvas colour. Next you want to add your polaroid frame onto the screen. You can do this using the overlay tool, which is the little butterfly.

Using the same tool, you can add your own photos and you have your polaroids!

You now want to save these and print them out on photo paper. You can now hang them how you wish. I recommend hanging them on string our ribbon and clipping the photos to the string using wooden pegs as this looks really nice!

Make sure you send me your recreations of the polaroids by tagging me on twitter @abbylouiseblog! I would love to see them!

Sorry this post isn't very long, I've been very busy lately and didn't have time to write a post in time for Sunday when I normally post, but I didn't want to leave you with out a post!
I hope this helped you in some way!
Love you all!

Abby-Louise x

Saturday, 3 October 2015


Hello Everybody! So its getting into Autumn, so I thought that I would do an Autumn wish-list because there are quite a few things which i would quite like to buy now its getting into the slightly chilly and cosy days.

Wooly Jumpers

Due to the Autumn season rolling in, many shops, for example, Primark, New Look and many more, are getting their Autumn/Winter clothing in. For me, this is actually very exciting! Autumn isn't usually a season which I really enjoy/ look forward to, however, this year, for some reason, I am really excited for it!
This a very similar jumper to
the one which I liked. I
couldn't actually find the exact one,
but this one is also available to
One of the many things which I am very excited about is wooly jumpers! I have never actually had a really nice wooly jumper because I have never seen one which I like. However, the other week, in Primark, I saw a very nice one and it is safe to say I may have got a tiny bit too excited. The one which I really liked was a grey one, it didn't have many patterns on it, I just really liked the colour. I think this would go great with a pair of black jeans or a skater skirt.

Skater Skirts

Okay, so right now, you're probably thinking I am straight up crazy, but I'm not... I promise! I think that skater skirts can look really nice with the wooly jumpers. In my personal wish-list, I have a burgundy one (also available from Primark) because I really like the colour, especially with a grey/ light brown jumper! Obviously, its a bit cold to wear this without tights, so I really recommend Primark tights. They are amazing quality!
This is the look which I was trying to
I will also be investing in a pair of boots as I think they would look amazing with this look! I think black or burgundy dolly shoes would look nice with this!

Fairy Lights

This isn't really a beauty or fashion wish but I do really want some fairy lights because I think these would look really cool in my room, perhaps wrapped around my bed or strung across the walls?
These are also available from Primark. I feel like this is turning into a Primark wish-list!

Tanya Burr: Hollywood Eye Pallet 

I really would like to try a golden eye this autumn. Usually, I go for more of a natural look, however, this year, I'm going to try something new! I really like the fairytale eye pallet by Tanya Burr and I have also heard good things about the Hollywood Pallet, so this seems to be a good one to try!

Checked Scarf

So I actually brought one of these the other week, but I thought I would include it anyway as it was part of the original wish-list. Last year, I wanted one of these, but I could not find one which I wanted as I left it too late to find one. So this year, I thought I would get a head-start and get one! The one which I picked up is kind of Pastel colours, for example Pink, blue and a tiny bit of brown. I got it from Peacocks for £8.


On with my Primark love, they have their winter Pyjamas in! Me, having a lot of love for Primark Pyjamas, got VERY excited! Primark currently have loads of their new Pyjamas in, so make sure you check it out! But I do have a few personal favourites! One of them being their Winnie the Pooh pjs! I am a great lover of all things Disney BUT my all time favourite Disney film is Winnie the Pooh. I have loved this ever since I was a child! Let me know what your favourite Disney films are in the comments!
There were also loads of other Disney Pjs in there, so I'm sure you will find one which you like if you aren't a Pooh Bear lover like me! i also really liked the Disney Princess Pyjamas!
I'm sure many of you will share my love for Onesies and have seen many in Primark before, so this year there are also a couple in there! I was actually quite disappointed by the amount of Onesies in there as there were so many nice ones last year! However, this year, there are not was many. Despite that, there are a couple of nice ones!

Berry Lipstick

Okay, so there are a couple of different brands which you could use for Autumn. I already have a berry lipstick, however, it isn't my favourite. I feel like I could probably find a better one in Superdrug. If you have an suggestions, please leave them in the comments below! I also really like Rimmel 107 and I can tell I am going to be wearing it A LOT this year!

Zoella: Soak Opera 

I feel like this is an absolute must-have during the Autumn and Winter! Obviously, you could use this all year around, but for me, this scent reminds me of a cosy evening! Any one else?
I've actually ran out of this, so I will defiantly be re-purchasing this! Let me know if you want me to do a Zoella Beauty review in the future because I think that would be quite a cool post to write?

So I think thats about it for my wish-list! I'm sure I will think of something else, so if that happens, I will make sure I will update this post! Also, leave all your suggestions below because I love reading all of your comments and replying to you all!
Thank you for all of your support! I love you all lots :)
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Thank you for reading my blog!

Abby-Louise x