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Hello Everybody!
So if your anything like me and your a bit nosey, this is a blog post for you! Today, I thought I would post a 'Whats I'm my make up bag' because my bag is looking quite full at the moment so I thought I'd see what I have in there! Here we go!

So my actual make-up bag is the Zoella 'Just Say Yes' beauty bag. I saw this in superdrug and actually got really excited! This wasn't part of the original collection, so I saw it and I was like 'Oooh thats new! I like that :)'  So as you may have guessed, I brought it!

I absolutely love this make-up bag! The shape is amazing and it fits loads in! I really recommend these! Plus their only £8.00.

Lip Products
Okay, so I didn't realise I had that many lip products, so I think I better start! 
Rimmel Kate Moss 107

I brought this the other day, and can I just say, WOW. I love this lipstick and I can tell it is going to be a new favourite! It is like a red colour, but has a slightly darker tone to it! I love it. 

Rimmel Kate Moss 38

I have been wearing this ALL summer, however, now we are going into the autumn months, I think I'm going to have to put this away till the slightly more sunny days! But its alright because is have Rimmel 107. 

Limited: Plum Shine Lipstick

I picked this up in Marks and Spencers because it looked VERY similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry lipstick. However, this one was much cheaper and still has amazing quality/stay power. 
I will be wearing this a lot in autumn! Very Excited!

Tanya Burr: Afternoon Tea

I really like this! It is another one in my summery lip product selection! It is a pastel pink colour and has really nice coverage, meaning that it is an amazing quality lipgloss! 

Maybeline, Baby Lips: Cherry Me

I love this. The cherry me baby lips is my favourite in the collection because it smells amazing! It also leaves my lips feeling really soft and shiny. It also leaves a slight red tint! 

Maybeline, Baby Lips: Hydrate

I also have the hydrate from the collection. This is really good if you just want to re-hydrate your lips if they're a bit chapped! 

Maybeline, Baby Lips: Peach Kiss

For me, this has the same sort of effect as the hydrate, but with a slight shimmer. This also smells really nice! 

Zoella: Kissy Missy Lip Balm

I picked this up because I really liked the colour and it was quite a reasonable price. It is actually quite pigmented! The stay- power on the actual lip balm is amazing and lasts for a few hours! My only problem with this is that it is quite hard to spread when you first buy it. I found that a brush works really well to apply it! 

eos: Passion Fruit (Purple)

There was a massive hype for these a couple of months ago and I wasn't really sure what it was  all about. In the UK, these are quite expensive, around £6.99, so I wasn't really sure whether or not I wanted to spend the money on this. It turns out, my friend actually brought me this for my birthday and I love it! I use this A LOT. I really recommend these! If you are looking for a good quality lip balm, this is one for you! You can find these in places like Urban Outfitters. 

Face Products

So I don't actually wear foundation or concealer on a daily basis. However, I have used a couple before, so I thought I would leave them here as suggestions for good ones: 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation & Concealer

I had seen both these products in videos and blog posts, which were all recommending it, so I gave it a try! I like foundations which are not matte. This is because I prefer more of a glow to my foundation. This was one of those glow foundations and I really liked it! I think it had quite good coverage. As for the Concealer, I really liked this! They come in a variety of skin tones and are really affordable.

Okay, so onto MY actual face products:

Collection, Bronze Glow Mosaic: 1 Sunkissed

I picked this up from Superdrug because I had heard some good reviews about it! I tried this and actually quite liked it. It has a slight shimmer to it, but also some matt shades in it. 

Bourjois Blusher: 41 Healthy Mix

I'm not sure this shade is 100% correct for me! It comes out a very similar colour to the packaging. I was very impressed with the actual quality of the blusher, however, I do think I might need to pick a new shade! 

Natural Collection Pressed Powder: Warm 

I picked this up because I needed a new powder but this was the cheapest I could find from an OK brand. This powder is alright, but I probably wouldn't buy it again. It comes out in very strong amounts, so you do have to blend it well. In hind-sight, I probably should have waited a few days and brought a better quality one, for example the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. 

Collection Contour Kit: Highlight and Sculpt

I brought this because Zoella recommended it in her August Favourites video and I really liked the look of it! I was also looking for a new contour kit and this one seemed quite good! I do like this, however, you do have to be careful with the amount of the contour powder you put on because it comes out quite dark and needs a fair bit of blending.  


I have quite a few eye products so I'm just gonna crack on with it! 

Tanya Burr: Fairytale Eye palette

I picked this up because it had lots of natural eye shades, which I prefer, and it looked quite cool. The packaging is really nice and it has a little mirror inside. 

MUA: Heaven and Earth Eye palette

I really like this! It is all natural shade, mainly browns and golds! Very Autumnal! It is also really cheap, only £4.00

Maybeline Falsies Mascara

I have mentioned this so many times, so I don't want to go on about it, but Oh My Gosh, I swear by this mascara at the moment! If you want to see my full review on this mascara make sure you check out my August favourites! (Sorry about the little Self Promo there ;) )

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Liner by Kate Emerald

I love this eyeliner! This is so good for cat eye flicks, especially if your like me and have issues with matching those flicks! The only problem with this is that it is waterproof and SOOOO hard to get off!

Essence: Liquid Liner Pen

I picked this up in Wilko (Yes, Wilkisons) because I wanted to try out a liquid liner pen before I went out and brought a really expensive one! I think you can also find this in some Superdrug's. I quite liked this, however, its starting to dry up now, so I'm going to have to start looking for a new one. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

Maybelline Expression Kajal Eye Liner Black

I picked this up in Superdrug because I wanted a good quality eye pencil and this was only £2.99. I don't use this a lot, but when I do, I tend to use it more in the winter as it isn't really a summer look for me as it makes by eyes look quite dark!


I don't actually keep my brushes in my make-up bag, I keep them in a wooden box I made, which doesn't have a lid, but if you are interested in looking what brushes I have, make sure you check out my  Real Techniques review post.

So thats about it from my make up bag! 
As always, thank you for all of your continued support, every inch of it means the absolute world to me! 
If you want to see more from me, make sure you check out my twitter! It is @abbylouiseblog. There are also links in the widgets to the side! 
Love you all lots!

Abby-Louise x


  1. I love seeing what's in other peoples makeup bags! The MUA palette looks lovely, I have a couple of MUA ones, they are really good for the price!

    The Velvet Black // UK Style & Beauty Blog

    1. I agree! MUA is amazing and so is the price! x

  2. I also use this products, maybelline lips are great.