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As you probably don't know yet, I have ombre hair. If you don't know what this is, it is essentially where your hair goes from dark to light.
I would just  like to add that this isn't my image or me,
but this is a very good example
and very similar to my own :)

Dying My Hair
I recently ombre-d my hair for the first time in August. This is the first time I had ever dyed my hair, so I was slightly nervous to see how it turned out! But I was very impressed. To ombre my hair, I used the L'oreal Feria Wild Ombre kit.
The ombre kit which I used
I have to say, I wasn't sure how this would come out, but it came out really well for me! I thought the kit was really well designed with easy to follow steps. It was also good because you could choose how light you wanted your hair. This may sound really confusing, but the kit isn't actually hair dye. This kit comes with a special brush designed for applying the mixture onto your hair. This brush made it so much easier! For the actually mixture, you put the different chemicals (?) into the bottle that they supply and shake it. I believe that it is called a lightening cream. You simply apply this to the ends of your hair and wait between 20-45 minutes, depending on your personal preference. Finally, you wash it off and dry!
(Please Note: In no way am I an expert, so you should always read the box before dying your hair as this is probably not all correct!) 

Washing My Hair

It can be hard to find a shampoo and conditioner that suits you and your scalp. If you are like me and have a sensitive scalp, it can especially be hard! I use Vosene Frequent Shampoo. For many months, I tried various different Shampoo's and Conditioners until I finally found one that didn't make my scalp really irritated! I use this every time I was my hair and I have never had a problem with it. It smells really nice and leaves my hair feeling, soft, fresh and and shiny. It is also really affordable, only £2.00  in places like Tesco and Superdrug! 
Conditioner-wise, I have also tried many different conditioners, but lots of them left my hair looking shiny, but feeling quite dull and knotty. So the one which I use is actually a kids conditioner, but they leave my hair feeling soft, shiny and in really good condition! You can get them in many different scents, my favourites are grape and strawberry. The conditioner that I use is the L'Oreal Kids with the Very Berry Strawberry scent. You may have used this when you were a child and remember it in many different scents,but I can actually only find two! Either way, they smell amazing and leave your hair in an amazing condition. Again, these are only £1.99.

When actually washing my hair, I first massage the shampoo into my hair and scalp before washing it off and applying conditioner to the ends of my hair. Finally washing that off. 
Before I dry my hair, I put the Pantene Dry Oil with Vitamin E on the ends of my hair. This basically helps repair and protect your hair from split ends and other damage that your hair might have! This is slightly more pricey, at £6.99, but definitely worth it!
Pantene Dry Oil

In terms of drying my hair, I don't really have much off a technique. My only tip for this is to dry downwards as this makes the water run down, rather than just blowing your hair in any direction. Drying your hair like this takes no time at all. 
The shampoo

The conditioner

When brushing my hair, I tend to brush the bottom half first as this way you can get the knots out without tearing your hair. To do this, I take all of my hair to one side and hold it while I brush the ends. After doing this, I gradually move up my hair.

Styling my Hair

As you may be aware, putting a lot of heat through your hair isn't the best idea as your hair can't handle strong amounts. I am probably the WORST for this. Being someone who has naturally quite puffy, wavy hair after washing it, keeping it natural can be quite hard. So usually, the day after washing my hair, I do have to straighten it. Sometimes, I can get away with not straightening it as I am currently in the process of growing my hair, meaning that somedays, its not as puffy due to the weight. SOMEDAYS. However, sometimes, I do feel brave enough to not straighten it. On these days, I tend to do a half up, half down style top-not. Or just half up, half down normally. 
Again, this isn't me, but this is a perfect example
of the style which I have been wearing a lot recently
that is a Topnot. 

Other than the Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil, I don't really use other hair styling products on my hair. The only thing I do use every now and again is a hairspray or a detangling spray. I don't really use a particular brand, I just use whatever I have and change brands quite frequently.

Products mentioned

Vosene Shampoo

L'oread Kids Conditioner

Pantene Oil

L'oreal Ombre Kit

I you enjoyed this post and maybe gave you some ideas about how to care for your own hair! If you have any other tips or good products, please leave them in the comments because I would love to see them!
As always, thank you for all of your support! It means the world to me!

Abby-Louise x


  1. Sounds like you managed to get really good results with a box dye, which is awesome! I always wanted to try ombre but am too afraid I'd mess it up.. Your post gives me more confidence though. =D

    Following your blog x

    Kay <3

    1. Thank you for your support! Will follow yours too! Yeah, the box dye is really good! Its also really simple to do! If you want to try it, go for it! x

  2. Love the hair colour, I'm looking forward to trying that Pantene product :)
    ♡ Marissa Jamie : Mars La LunĂ© ♡