Saturday, 26 September 2015


I get a lot of support on my Finding Yourself post, so I thought I would do something similar as a new post.

I found this quote a long time ago and have liked it ever since. I think this quote is something that shouldn't be forgotten. Its okay to be shy, quite, hidden, not part of the 'popular squad". But who cares? Sometimes we need to break before we shine brighter than the others. I feel like this very much relates to everything I have already said in my Finding Yourself post, but I feel like this is VERY important. 
Today, we are judged upon what we are like. Quiet, shy, loud, outgoing, mean, caring, horrible, wonderful. You could be the nicest person, but not appreciated because of it. However, there could be a popular person who is horrible. How is this relevant you ask? Because I want to make it known to people that you don't have to be popular to be amazing.

Life isn't about being popular, how many friends you have, its about having a good time. Life too short to worry about these things. After all, you only live once! In this lifetime, you should follow your dreams and don't care what everyone else thinks. If you wanna start a blog or YouTube channel, do it. If you want to become an actor, make it your goal. The best things come to those who wait and try their hardest!

Always remember, in life, we make mistakes, but we have the chance to fix these. So if you ever have that chance, take it! I am a big believer in everything happens for a reason!

Linking back to the glowsticks. Think about it this way:
For a glowstick to glow, you need to snap it before it works.

Just like us. We all get our chance to shine in life, we just have to be patient.

I'm still young and haven't experienced much in life, but I do know that we are in this world for a reason. Even though you may not be the most popular person in your 'Squad', school, work or college, always know that you are loved!

It is easy to feel excluded or unimportant. If you have ever felt left out, make this known and if you still feel left out, their clearly not worth your time! And to those of you who have ever excluded someone, its okay. We've all done it! But you have a chance to fix that, make sure you include everyone and don't be-little anyone!

It's okay to be a glowstick; sometimes we need to break before we shine!

I don't really know what inspired this post! I was going to do a September Favourites, however, I had an idea for this post. I may put up a September favourites later on in the week!

I came up with the idea for the post while listening to Troye Sivan's new EP Wild! I love it! I hope this post helps some of you! If it helps just one of you, it means the world to me!

Please leave some comments below! I love hearing from you guys! I love you all so much!

Abby-Louise x

Monday, 21 September 2015


Hello Everybody!
So if your anything like me and your a bit nosey, this is a blog post for you! Today, I thought I would post a 'Whats I'm my make up bag' because my bag is looking quite full at the moment so I thought I'd see what I have in there! Here we go!

So my actual make-up bag is the Zoella 'Just Say Yes' beauty bag. I saw this in superdrug and actually got really excited! This wasn't part of the original collection, so I saw it and I was like 'Oooh thats new! I like that :)'  So as you may have guessed, I brought it!

I absolutely love this make-up bag! The shape is amazing and it fits loads in! I really recommend these! Plus their only £8.00.

Lip Products
Okay, so I didn't realise I had that many lip products, so I think I better start! 
Rimmel Kate Moss 107

I brought this the other day, and can I just say, WOW. I love this lipstick and I can tell it is going to be a new favourite! It is like a red colour, but has a slightly darker tone to it! I love it. 

Rimmel Kate Moss 38

I have been wearing this ALL summer, however, now we are going into the autumn months, I think I'm going to have to put this away till the slightly more sunny days! But its alright because is have Rimmel 107. 

Limited: Plum Shine Lipstick

I picked this up in Marks and Spencers because it looked VERY similar to the Charlotte Tilbury Glastonberry lipstick. However, this one was much cheaper and still has amazing quality/stay power. 
I will be wearing this a lot in autumn! Very Excited!

Tanya Burr: Afternoon Tea

I really like this! It is another one in my summery lip product selection! It is a pastel pink colour and has really nice coverage, meaning that it is an amazing quality lipgloss! 

Maybeline, Baby Lips: Cherry Me

I love this. The cherry me baby lips is my favourite in the collection because it smells amazing! It also leaves my lips feeling really soft and shiny. It also leaves a slight red tint! 

Maybeline, Baby Lips: Hydrate

I also have the hydrate from the collection. This is really good if you just want to re-hydrate your lips if they're a bit chapped! 

Maybeline, Baby Lips: Peach Kiss

For me, this has the same sort of effect as the hydrate, but with a slight shimmer. This also smells really nice! 

Zoella: Kissy Missy Lip Balm

I picked this up because I really liked the colour and it was quite a reasonable price. It is actually quite pigmented! The stay- power on the actual lip balm is amazing and lasts for a few hours! My only problem with this is that it is quite hard to spread when you first buy it. I found that a brush works really well to apply it! 

eos: Passion Fruit (Purple)

There was a massive hype for these a couple of months ago and I wasn't really sure what it was  all about. In the UK, these are quite expensive, around £6.99, so I wasn't really sure whether or not I wanted to spend the money on this. It turns out, my friend actually brought me this for my birthday and I love it! I use this A LOT. I really recommend these! If you are looking for a good quality lip balm, this is one for you! You can find these in places like Urban Outfitters. 

Face Products

So I don't actually wear foundation or concealer on a daily basis. However, I have used a couple before, so I thought I would leave them here as suggestions for good ones: 

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation & Concealer

I had seen both these products in videos and blog posts, which were all recommending it, so I gave it a try! I like foundations which are not matte. This is because I prefer more of a glow to my foundation. This was one of those glow foundations and I really liked it! I think it had quite good coverage. As for the Concealer, I really liked this! They come in a variety of skin tones and are really affordable.

Okay, so onto MY actual face products:

Collection, Bronze Glow Mosaic: 1 Sunkissed

I picked this up from Superdrug because I had heard some good reviews about it! I tried this and actually quite liked it. It has a slight shimmer to it, but also some matt shades in it. 

Bourjois Blusher: 41 Healthy Mix

I'm not sure this shade is 100% correct for me! It comes out a very similar colour to the packaging. I was very impressed with the actual quality of the blusher, however, I do think I might need to pick a new shade! 

Natural Collection Pressed Powder: Warm 

I picked this up because I needed a new powder but this was the cheapest I could find from an OK brand. This powder is alright, but I probably wouldn't buy it again. It comes out in very strong amounts, so you do have to blend it well. In hind-sight, I probably should have waited a few days and brought a better quality one, for example the Rimmel Stay Matte Powder. 

Collection Contour Kit: Highlight and Sculpt

I brought this because Zoella recommended it in her August Favourites video and I really liked the look of it! I was also looking for a new contour kit and this one seemed quite good! I do like this, however, you do have to be careful with the amount of the contour powder you put on because it comes out quite dark and needs a fair bit of blending.  


I have quite a few eye products so I'm just gonna crack on with it! 

Tanya Burr: Fairytale Eye palette

I picked this up because it had lots of natural eye shades, which I prefer, and it looked quite cool. The packaging is really nice and it has a little mirror inside. 

MUA: Heaven and Earth Eye palette

I really like this! It is all natural shade, mainly browns and golds! Very Autumnal! It is also really cheap, only £4.00

Maybeline Falsies Mascara

I have mentioned this so many times, so I don't want to go on about it, but Oh My Gosh, I swear by this mascara at the moment! If you want to see my full review on this mascara make sure you check out my August favourites! (Sorry about the little Self Promo there ;) )

Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Gel Liner by Kate Emerald

I love this eyeliner! This is so good for cat eye flicks, especially if your like me and have issues with matching those flicks! The only problem with this is that it is waterproof and SOOOO hard to get off!

Essence: Liquid Liner Pen

I picked this up in Wilko (Yes, Wilkisons) because I wanted to try out a liquid liner pen before I went out and brought a really expensive one! I think you can also find this in some Superdrug's. I quite liked this, however, its starting to dry up now, so I'm going to have to start looking for a new one. If you have any suggestions, please leave them in the comments below!

Maybelline Expression Kajal Eye Liner Black

I picked this up in Superdrug because I wanted a good quality eye pencil and this was only £2.99. I don't use this a lot, but when I do, I tend to use it more in the winter as it isn't really a summer look for me as it makes by eyes look quite dark!


I don't actually keep my brushes in my make-up bag, I keep them in a wooden box I made, which doesn't have a lid, but if you are interested in looking what brushes I have, make sure you check out my  Real Techniques review post.

So thats about it from my make up bag! 
As always, thank you for all of your continued support, every inch of it means the absolute world to me! 
If you want to see more from me, make sure you check out my twitter! It is @abbylouiseblog. There are also links in the widgets to the side! 
Love you all lots!

Abby-Louise x

Friday, 18 September 2015


Hello Everybody! Firstly, I would just like to thank you all for the support on my Finding Yourself Post! All of your support means the world! As so many of you liked that post, I thought I would do some similar!

Above, there is a quote by the amazing Ashton Irwin, from my favourite band 5 Seconds of Summer! I found this quote and it really inspired me! If you can't read the quote (I know its quite small and a bit blurry) it reads-

"People aren't kind, you aren't perfect. They aren't perfect. No one is. Hearts Break. You fall in love. You are alive to feel. You are alive." -Ashton Irwin

I guess I really liked this quote because it basically sums up the feelings you go through throughout your life!

People aren't kind. Spot on Ashton! In case you haven't realised, people aren't kind. But there are many amazing and lovely people in this world! Everyone will have an effect on your life. Whether they were nice or not. For example, bands, YouTubers, etc, will never understand the amazing effect they have on so many peoples lives. But there are also the people who aren't kind who intend to have an effect. A negative one. Thats okay, without these people, we would not be who we are today.

You aren't perfect. They aren't perfect. No one is. I think this is my favourite part of this quote because it is so true. Theres not really much that I can add to this apart from:
Be who you want to be. Don't care what people think. Nobody's perfect, so they can't judge.

Hearts Break. You fall in Love. In reality, hearts do break. Whether thats happened to you or not, we all know that one day it might happen. But thats normal. It happens to everyone! As for falling in love, its the same thing.

I think that this quote should really be payed attention to. This is something everyone goes through and it is very accurate!

No-one should be made to think that they have to be someone that they are not, we should all just be ourselves! People will love you more if you are yourself and that is a really important message!

Sorry this post isn't much! I just wanted to post something sort of mid-week!I also just wanted to share this quote with you all! I will be posting like normal on Sunday!

Love you all!

Abby-Louise x

Sunday, 13 September 2015


As you probably don't know yet, I have ombre hair. If you don't know what this is, it is essentially where your hair goes from dark to light.
I would just  like to add that this isn't my image or me,
but this is a very good example
and very similar to my own :)

Dying My Hair
I recently ombre-d my hair for the first time in August. This is the first time I had ever dyed my hair, so I was slightly nervous to see how it turned out! But I was very impressed. To ombre my hair, I used the L'oreal Feria Wild Ombre kit.
The ombre kit which I used
I have to say, I wasn't sure how this would come out, but it came out really well for me! I thought the kit was really well designed with easy to follow steps. It was also good because you could choose how light you wanted your hair. This may sound really confusing, but the kit isn't actually hair dye. This kit comes with a special brush designed for applying the mixture onto your hair. This brush made it so much easier! For the actually mixture, you put the different chemicals (?) into the bottle that they supply and shake it. I believe that it is called a lightening cream. You simply apply this to the ends of your hair and wait between 20-45 minutes, depending on your personal preference. Finally, you wash it off and dry!
(Please Note: In no way am I an expert, so you should always read the box before dying your hair as this is probably not all correct!) 

Washing My Hair

It can be hard to find a shampoo and conditioner that suits you and your scalp. If you are like me and have a sensitive scalp, it can especially be hard! I use Vosene Frequent Shampoo. For many months, I tried various different Shampoo's and Conditioners until I finally found one that didn't make my scalp really irritated! I use this every time I was my hair and I have never had a problem with it. It smells really nice and leaves my hair feeling, soft, fresh and and shiny. It is also really affordable, only £2.00  in places like Tesco and Superdrug! 
Conditioner-wise, I have also tried many different conditioners, but lots of them left my hair looking shiny, but feeling quite dull and knotty. So the one which I use is actually a kids conditioner, but they leave my hair feeling soft, shiny and in really good condition! You can get them in many different scents, my favourites are grape and strawberry. The conditioner that I use is the L'Oreal Kids with the Very Berry Strawberry scent. You may have used this when you were a child and remember it in many different scents,but I can actually only find two! Either way, they smell amazing and leave your hair in an amazing condition. Again, these are only £1.99.

When actually washing my hair, I first massage the shampoo into my hair and scalp before washing it off and applying conditioner to the ends of my hair. Finally washing that off. 
Before I dry my hair, I put the Pantene Dry Oil with Vitamin E on the ends of my hair. This basically helps repair and protect your hair from split ends and other damage that your hair might have! This is slightly more pricey, at £6.99, but definitely worth it!
Pantene Dry Oil

In terms of drying my hair, I don't really have much off a technique. My only tip for this is to dry downwards as this makes the water run down, rather than just blowing your hair in any direction. Drying your hair like this takes no time at all. 
The shampoo

The conditioner

When brushing my hair, I tend to brush the bottom half first as this way you can get the knots out without tearing your hair. To do this, I take all of my hair to one side and hold it while I brush the ends. After doing this, I gradually move up my hair.

Styling my Hair

As you may be aware, putting a lot of heat through your hair isn't the best idea as your hair can't handle strong amounts. I am probably the WORST for this. Being someone who has naturally quite puffy, wavy hair after washing it, keeping it natural can be quite hard. So usually, the day after washing my hair, I do have to straighten it. Sometimes, I can get away with not straightening it as I am currently in the process of growing my hair, meaning that somedays, its not as puffy due to the weight. SOMEDAYS. However, sometimes, I do feel brave enough to not straighten it. On these days, I tend to do a half up, half down style top-not. Or just half up, half down normally. 
Again, this isn't me, but this is a perfect example
of the style which I have been wearing a lot recently
that is a Topnot. 

Other than the Shampoo, Conditioner and Oil, I don't really use other hair styling products on my hair. The only thing I do use every now and again is a hairspray or a detangling spray. I don't really use a particular brand, I just use whatever I have and change brands quite frequently.

Products mentioned

Vosene Shampoo

L'oread Kids Conditioner

Pantene Oil

L'oreal Ombre Kit

I you enjoyed this post and maybe gave you some ideas about how to care for your own hair! If you have any other tips or good products, please leave them in the comments because I would love to see them!
As always, thank you for all of your support! It means the world to me!

Abby-Louise x

Monday, 7 September 2015


Okay, so I know this isn't really my regular type of post but I just wanted to address a few things! 

First of all, I would just like to say that you can now find me on twitter. My username is @abbylouiseblog. 
You can find this on my home page in the side widgets! Let me know your own usernames in the comments and I will try to follow you all :) 

The second thing I wanted to say was thank you for all of the support on my latest about Finding yourself! All of your support means the world! I had a really lovely comment on the post which made me realise that that post did actually help/inspire people! 

Finally, I would just like to point out the obvious, I have a new layout! If you are new around here, you will not know that, but I thought that I would make it a bit brighter!

I have no idea how much of this makes sense! Sorry if it doesn't! I will be posting like usual on Sunday (Hopefully!) 

Make sure you check out my twitter!

Abby-Louise x

Sunday, 6 September 2015


Recently, I read a post by a friend called  Sophia, which was called Pressure at 13. This post got me thinking a lot more than it probably should have! For me, this post was really relatable! So this is what this post was inspired by, it was also inspired by many other people, who I will mention in this post! Sorry if this is a bit deep and your prefer my reviews and stuff! But this post will be my thoughts and feelings about finding yourself.

Finding yourself is a difficult thing, especially through your teenage years where you have so many thoughts and feelings floating around your head, you don't really know what to think anymore. I know that one of these thoughts in my head is your appearance. In todays society, I believe we are judged a lot on what we look like and how we dress. We shouldn't be made to feel like this! You should be able to dress how you want, do your make up how you like etc. I know that my friends have had an influence on the types of things that I wear! Sometimes, it feels like my group of friends are judged upon for what we wear. This is wrong. I believe you should wear things that make you feel happy and comfortable. Don't be afraid of what people might think of you if you stand out! Be bold!

A second thing I feel is a thought of many teenagers, is the future. I know it seems a while away before you need to start thinking about a serious career, but when so many people are asking you what you want to do, its kind of hard to push it aside. As a child, I always said that I wanted to do something within fashion, art or photography. Whether thats in the fashion industry, being an artist or a photographer, its what I have always had a passion for. Recently, I have been asked 'what do you want to do when your older?' a lot. I always reply with the same answer. However, sometimes I think to myself, what if I have made a mistake? But in the end, we only regret the chances we didn't take. So if its what you want to do, take the leap of faith, you will never know what will happen if you don't! At the moment, I write a blog and I am still in education, so I'm still deciding what I want to do with my life. Whether I go to college and uni, start YouTube one day, or I take a completely different path! I'm happy at the moment with what I do, so thats the most important thing!

Finally, you should start to say yes to things. The more you say yes to things, the more opportunities will come to you! I have said yes to a couple of things this year, but one of the biggest things I said yes to was starting this blog! About a year ago, I would have been too scared to put my thoughts and feelings onto the online world, but I decided that I would go for it because it is something that I have always wanted to try! And I 'm glad I did!

I have found a few quotes which are quite inspiring with finding yourself and saying yes, so I though I would include a few:

'Just Say Yes' -Zoella (aka Zoe Sugg)
'Sometimes the only way to ever find yourself to get completely lost.' -Kellie Elmore
'Starts can't shine without darkness' -unknown
'Stop dreaming, start doing' -unknown
'I am on a rollercoaster that only goes up' -The fault in our stars

I hope you enjoyed this post and you can relate to it! Please leave some comments of any other thoughts that you might have! I will be back to my normal posts next week!
I will also leave a link to Zoella's Just Say Yes video because that video also inspired me to say yes to many things as well!
As always, thank you so much for your support! It means the world to me!

Abby-Louise x

Tuesday, 1 September 2015


August is sadly coming to an end and September is looming, which means that we're leaving the summer months :( Although, in the UK, it kind of feels like its already come and gone...

So today, I thought that I would highlight a few things that I have been loving this month!

Make Up

Rimmel Kate Moss lipstick: 38

I picked this up because I was looking for a new lipstick as I wanted something a bit more a bit more summer-y and this seemed like the perfect choice for me! The actual lipstick is a salmon pink colour, which doesn't sound very nice, but when you actually wear it, it looks amazing! The packaging on the lipstick is really handy as it is not too big. I also think the price is great (£5.49) as they are great quality lipsticks, but also affordable. When this runs out, I will 100% be buying this again, however, I will probably wait until next summer/spring as it is going into Autumn and Winter now. Maybe Rimmel 107 as a new favourite?

Tanya Burr Cosmetics

I have two products from the Tanya Burr range. As you may notice, the lipgloss is in the old packaging and the eyeshadow is in the new packaging. I think the new packaging is amazing and so much nicer than the old packaging!
Anyway, about the actual product! I wasn't really sure what to expect with her products because I'm quite cautious about new products, especially eyeshadows. I brought the eyeshadow because I had heard some good reviews about it and I can honestly say that this is a great palette! The palette that I brought was the fairytale eye palette. I really liked the look of this one because I quite like a natural eye look and I am not very daring when it comes to golds and bright colours like that! Although the black can look a bit intimidating, I personally think that this is what can finish the look, for example, this would look nice if you were going to a party, but didn't want to be too dramatic. When I use this palette, I first take 'cream tea' over my whole eyelid, especially under the brow bone. Next, I take 'velvet cushion' into the crease of my eye, then adding alohomora into the outer corners of my eye. Finally, if I want to add a more dramatic look, I take 'witches cat' across my lash line to add a smudged eyeliner effect. I think this product is AMAZING and I can't really pick out a fault with it! I really like the natural look it gives. I believe this would be a great look for school, college or work (maybe without 'witches cat') As for the lipgloss, the lipgloss it great quality. I have it in the shade 'afternoon tea' I really like this shade as it is a lovely pastel colour. This is another great summer-y colour which I have been wearing a lot lately!

Baby Lips- Cherry Me

Theres not really that much to say about this! This product is a tinted lip balm by Maybeline Baby Lips. It leaves your lips in great condition and smells amazing!

Maybeline Falsies Mascara 

I have been using this mascara for about two years now and I really like it! It has so much volume, but you can also have your own control! You decide whether you want really big lashes or just a little bit of extension. I really rate this mascara! If you have any other suggestions of mascaras which are in Superdrug or Boots, please leave them below!

Collection Eyeshadow Crayons

Before I brought these, I had seen these is many YouTube videos, but different brands which were much more expensive. So when I walked into Superdrug, which I do a lot, I saw these on the Collection counter! I think it's save to say I was quite excited! There were lots of different colours in there, including golden/yellow, green, pink and white. As I like natural colours, I picked up the pink and white. I kind of knew what to expect with these as I had seen many versions of them before, but I had never tried them before. When I tried them, I was quite impressed! They are waterproof, which means they last for ages, they are also bendable. This is great if you want to add a darker shade to add definition.


Zoella Beauty

Okay, so I don't want to go into too much detail with this because I plan to do a post in the future about Zoella Beauty! But I have really been loving Zoƫ's products lately, so I thought it would be wrong if I didn't include them! But here are the products that I have/ have had in the past that I would recommend. I'm only going to do a quick run down here but here we go!

Original Range Products: 

Beauty Bags: These are amazing because they are a great size and have a really nice structure! I have two because I have so much make up!

Blissful Mistful: I really like the scent of the body mist! It really reminds me of winter, anyone else?

Soak Opera: This has to be my favourite product in the range because I love bubble baths! I also really liked this because it has an amazing scent like the rest of the range!

Tutti Frutti Range: 

Kissy Missy Lip Balm: This is actually quite pigmented! I really like the colour.

Foam Sweet Foam Shower Gel: This product is my favourite! I have had this for about 2 months now and I still have about half the bottle left! Plus, I use this most days!

Candy Cream (Hand Cream): I like this product as it leaves your hands nice and soft, but also not too greasy!

Music :

Okay, so I have been loving a few song lately, so I thought I would throw them in here too!

Fight Song By Rachel Platten: I am in love with this song! It has such inspirational lyrics and a really good beat! If you haven't listened to it, I will leave it at the bottom of this post somewhere for you to see!

She's Kinda Hot EP by 5 Seconds Of Summer: Can we just take a minute to appreciate that the boys have a new EP out? As you will find out, I am pretty much obsessed with 5SOS! I am so proud of them for winning the VMA's song of the summer! But can I just say, what is this with #freemyhomieCalum trending on twitter?


I would just like to add that this is NOT my photo, I just found this and thought it was quite cute and this is basically what I was about to explain. 
Ringer Tee

I have pretty much been living in these tops for the past month. I got my from New Look and it is so soft! These tops also go with a lot. I tend to pair mine with Ripped Skinny jeans and a flannel shirts! 

Ripped Skinny Jeans

Okay, so about 6 months ago, I would refuse to wear jeans because they were so uncomfortable, but now, I live in them! Again, mine are from New Look. 

High Waisted Shorts

These are amazing in summer because they go with everything. I really like white ones as they are summer-y and black ones go with a lot too. 

Flannel Shirts

Again, I reach for these nearly everyday and then have to put it back because I think:
Maybe I should wear something different?

So thats pretty much it for my favourites this month! Please let me know what you've been loving this month in the comments! Also, let me know where I can find your favourites, so I can give them a try! All of the things mentioned in this post are from New Look, Superdrug, iTunes and Boots! I'm pretty sure you can get them in other places too, but this is where I got them :) Thank you so much again for visiting my blog, it means so much to me!

Abby-Lousie x

P.s. This is the Fight Song video which I said I'd add!