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I wasn't going to write a new post today, but it is absolutely chucking it down outside, so i thought, I might as well write a new post on my blog!

It actually took me quite a while to decide what I was going to write about in this post as I came up with a few ideas but all of them clashed with a post that I am going to be doing in the future. Finally I came up with the idea of this post as I have really been loving the real techniques brushes by Sam and  Nic Chapman, so I thought I would tell you a few of my thoughts about them!

Before I actually start talking about the brushes, I would like to express that I in no way am a make up artist and probably don't have a clue what i am going on about!

I have used two different sets of Real Techniques and they are both amazing sets! The first set that I brought was the collector's edition sculpting set. When I first brought it, I wasn't really sure what to expect. Everyone recommended these brushes and I wasn't really sure what the big hype was about. They were just brushes, right? I picked this set up, partly because it was on offer, and it did look like quite a good set! Here are a few of my thoughts about these brushes: 
Collectors edition sculpting set
(From Left to Right) Sculpting Brush, Setting Brush, Fan brush
Sculpting Brush

This brush has an angled head which is great for creating contours. 
Although I do not always use this brush for contours, when I have I has been amazing! The brush is an amazing size for contour because it fits exactly along the cheekbone. The Sculpting Brush is also great for blending! 

Setting Brush

I think this brush has to be my favourite in the pack! The Setting Brush is great for adding highlighter. However, I also think this brush would be great for adding concealer as it is small and delicate. 

Fan Brush 

When I got the pack, I wasn't too sure of what to do with this brush as it wasn't like any other make-up brush that I have seen before. (Since getting this brush, I have seen them everywhere) 
On the packet, it says:
"Softly sweeps on powders+ whisks away any excess make-up for an even finish" 
For me, I didn't really see this as a great powder brush as it was a bit thin and didn't really sweep on my powder very well. However, this brush is great for sweeping off any excess make up. I have also used this brush for blending.

Overall thoughts

Think this set was defiantly worth the buy, especially if you do a lot of contour! My only fault with them would be perhaps the price of them (£20.99) for 3 brushes. Maybe a little bit cheaper as this is the same price as a 4 brush set with a case. 

The next set I brought was the Core Collection. This brush came with four brushes and a carry/ stand case. Before I start talking about the brushes, I just wanted to add a few things about the case. 
I thought that this case was a really good idea. The case offers a place to keep your brushes clean and away from the clutter of a make up bag, but also offers a stand which you can form with the case while you are using the brushes. Now that I have talked about the case, here are a few of my thoughts on the actual brushes: 

Core Collection
(From Left to Right) Buffing Brush, Contour Brush, Foundation Brush, Detailer Brush


Pointed Foundation Brush

This brush pretty much does what it says: apply foundation! The brush allowed you to apply small amounts of foundation at a time so your foundation does not look too heavy. I also use this brush for concealer.

Buffing Brush

This brush doesn't look very big, but it is when you apply foundation with it! If you are applying foundation to your whole face, this is a great brush, however, you don't need very much on there. Be careful with this brush, as it can look like you have less of the product on the brush than you do!
I think this brush is mainly used for powder type products (powder, bronzer, blusher, loose foundation, etc) but I prefer to use the contour brush, also in this set, for those type of products. However, I must admit, this brush is one of my favourite brushes for blending!

Contour Brush

Obviously, this brush is designed for contour. However, I do not use this brush very much for contour. (In the words of Zoella aka Zoe Sugg, be a brush rebel) I much prefer to use this brush for general application of bronzer, powder and blusher as it is much more precise than the buffing brush. I think this brush would be great for applying highlight.

Detailer Brush

This brush is all about the detail! The detailer brush is great for adding eyeshadow to the inner corners of your eyes. This brush is also great for adding eyeshadow underneath your eyes as it is so small! It is also suggested that you could use this as a lip brush. I don't think this brush would be the best brush to apply lip gloss etc, however, it think this brush would be great to add lipstick liner to your lips!

Overall thoughts:

This set is 100% worth the buy! I think this would be a great first set of real techniques because it has all of the essentials that you might need while doing your make up! I think the price is a good price as the brushes are amazing quality and the set does come with a case!

I hope this post helps you if you are looking to buy the brushes but look at some opinions first! I will leave the links to buy the brushes down below! One thing I did notice while looking to find the links online was that some of the brushes were actually cheaper on the real techniques website, for example, the core collection was £11.46 on the RT website, but on the Superdrug website they were
£20.99! RT also ship the brushes worldwide, so make sure you check out the website! You can also buy both sets, plus more in stores, such as Boots and Superdrug. There are so many more brushes also online, so if you have any suggestions for good brushes RT or any other brands, please leave them in the comments because I would love to hear them!


P.s. Sorry, I couldn't find the Sculpting Set on the RT website, if you can find a link to it, please leave it in the comments!

Abby-Louise x

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